How to Fix Error Code 0x800ccc0f in MS Outlook?

FIX: Outlook error 0x800ccc0f in Windows

How to Fix Error Code 0x800ccc0f ?  Look no further this page is your solution. Below is a clear explanation and solution regarding error 0x800ccc0f. The intention of this page is to help Outlook (Express) users who are experiencing problems like error 0x800ccc0f.
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Quick explanation / solution How to Fix Error Code 0x800ccc0f

I get the error 0x800CCC0F (0x800CCCOF) when I try to send or receive mail with Outlook.
# Send.
The server terminated the connection unexpectedly. Potential causes are issues with the server, organize issues or too long idleness
This message indicates a modem problem.
– check the modem and connections. Also disable all applications on the computer and try again (some modems use all the power of the computer’s CPU)

# Receive:
The computer contacts the mail server, but Outlook has difficulty processing one or more e-mails due to header errors. this usually concerns spam e-mail that has been mutilated.
Solution: Read the email using webmail and remove the culprit. Unlike Outlook, webmail is always able to process email regardless of the quality.

Microsoft explanation / solution
Symptoms & Fix Error Code 0x800ccc0f

When you try to send or receive an e-mail message in Outlook 2002, you receive an error message that resembles the following:

Error 0x800ccc0f: The connection to the server has been interrupted.


This problem can occur if your computer is running an email-protected antivirus program that checks email as it arrives from your Post Office Protocol (POP) server.


To resolve this issue, disable the email-protected antivirus, and then manually add the POP server name in the Outlook Accounts dialog box.
To physically include the POP server setting, follow these means:

1. Start Outlook.
2. On the Tools menu, click Email Accounts.
3. Snap View or change existing email records and snap Next.
4. In the E-mail Accounts discourse box, click Add .
5. Click POP3 and click Next.
6. Enter the appropriate information for your POP3 email server and click Next.
7. Click Finish.

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